🎰Introducing DegenBookie: a provably fair Sportsbook leveraging Azuro's decentralized liquidity pools

Telegram Link: t.me/degenbookie

Want to be a Sportsbook and Casino owner while earning revenue share? Degen Bookie is aimed at bringing a full blown, decentralized Sportsbook and multiple casino games to a community of ~100K+ web3 Telegram degens all within the Telegram app.

Our team is actively focused on decentralizing the gambling meta and taking online Sports betting and casino games into our own hands... while leveraging Azuro's robust technology and deep liquidity pools. DegenBookie marks the convergence of gaming and DeFi, delivering a rich and immersive experience on the widely used desktop and mobile Telegram platform.

With a potent mix of entertainment, gambling, and earning opportunities, it aims to redefine the realms of online gaming and community engagement, offering a lucrative platform for both Telegram gaming enthusiasts and crypto investors.

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